Everybody has a desire, and right, to learn about their heritage- and that is why our centre works to cater to the entire spectrum of community members. We host a wide variety of classes and events to suit each and every person.

Our instructors have detailed knowledge and training in their areas of specialisation. Chabad also has access to a wide range of educational materials and books through its extensive worldwide network, which means our classes are refreshing, exciting, and stimulating.

Please see our events page for upcoming public classes or contact us, so we can organize a private class.

Our program list includes:

  • Rosh Chodesh Womens Program
  • Jewish Law Classes
  • Womens Kabbalah Course
  • Talmud Classes
  • Ethics and Jewish Thought
  • Jewish Lifecycle How To
  • The Festivals Explained
  • Chassidus and Kabblah

No prior knowledge or religious affiliation required.