Who Wants To Be a Minyanair?

Join the club today! Friday night and Saturday prayer service. It will make your whole week feel more spiritual and meaningful.

Join us every Friday night for a short service followed by a Kidush. Join our fortnightly Minyan on Shabbat Day 10:00am always followed by a Kidush and Lichaim!

Whats in it for you?

  • On your level – No prior knowledge necessary
  • One on one time with G-d
  • Start your week by doing something great, and you’ll feel great too
  • Be one of the founding members of the Minyanair club
  • A delicious Kiddush to follow

  • Socializing opportunity – Great community spirit

  • Interesting and relevant Torah discussions
  • An opportunity to gain blessings for yourself and loved ones

  • A crash course on “What to do in Shule” is offered

  • Be invited to the Annual Minyanair appreciation BBQ and other Minyanair events

Keep in Touch!

    We are currently holding Shabbat morning services fortnightly, Please call the Rabbi on 0433 810 313 to verify if Minyan is on that week.